Fees page

Paying for Services, a Smart Investment in Yourself!

investmentFrom time to time, we may reward ourselves with material goods--maybe a new watch or clothing--but think about budgeting some of this the money for therapy. What could be a better, long-term investment than improving the quality of your life, your health and well-being, and your relationships? Add therapy to your cart--make yourself a priority--you deserve it!


My fees are competitive for the DC Metro area based on my services, education level, and experience. Remember, this is an investment in you!

  • One time,15-minute phone consultation: FREE
  • Individual Therapy: $230/45 minutes
  • Couples’ or Family Therapy: $245/45 minutes
  • Phone Calls: After 10 minutes, prorated at your usual fee
  • Paperwork done on your behalf: $57.50/15 minutes
  • No Show Charge: Full Session Fee
  • Cancellation less than 24 hours in Advance: Full Session Fee


Payment will be made directly to me or the CFCG administrative staff at the time of services. If you would like to write a check, please make it out to "CFCG." If you would like to be billed once monthly on a credit card, please ask the administrative staff to assist you with completing the proper documentation for this service.

Payment options include: Check, Credit Card creditcards


It is my firm belief that your confidentiality should be protected and decisions about your treatment should be solely up to you and me. For these reasons, I do not participate with specific insurance plans. However, depending on your plan, I can provide you with a statement of services so that you may seek reimbursement from your insurance company independently. I encourage you to check your specific benefit plan to determine if reimbursement is available. Please also see CFCG Policies on Insurance and Payment.

Smart Payment Suggestions:

  • Did you know that if you itemize your taxes, psychological services may be tax deductible as a medical expense?
  • If you have a flexible spending account or a health savings account offered through your employer, you may use these to minimize the cost of psychotherapy. These options allow you to spend pre-tax income on medical expenses such as psychotherapy. Usually you can use this money immediately upon signing up for the account, before it is fully funded. Please check with your employer to determine if either of these are options for you and the specifics of these plans.